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Lanny is the most brilliant strategic planner and corporate facilitator I have ever known.

He has worked for numerous people that I have referred him to and everybody has agreed that they have received immense value.

I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.

Jim Trattner, CEO
The Trattner Network
Santa Monica, CA

Vistage Speaker
Since 1991
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The End of Management The End of Management
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"All man's well-being depends on two things: one is the right choice of aim, of the end to which actions should tend, the other lies in the finding of the actions that lead to that end."

(384 BC – 322 BC)

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Do you own your company or does your company own you?

Break the firefighting habit and regain control of your life while still growing your business.


Tired of feeling like a parent to your employees?

Do you wish your employees would think and act like owners? Are you not getting the full return on your investment in payroll?


Need to reset your strategic direction?

Changes in the economy left you wondering what to do, which way to turn, where to put your attention?

Since 1980, I've helped organization leaders fulfill their aspirations and design organizations that work. If you find yourself thinking that the dysfunctions you experience in organizational life are "just how it is", that is not the case.

The dysfunctions of organizational life with which we are all intimately familar are symptoms. They are symptoms of obsolete principles of leadership, management and organization design that are the legacy of traditional management, based on the science and economics of a century ago.

Call or write for a confidential and complimentary discussion of your situation.

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