Lanny is an incredible resource for any individual or company. He has worked with my research institute and me personally and has been very helpful and easy to work with.

Lee Lipsenthal, MD
Preventitive Medicine Research Institute
Sausalito, CA

“Lanny Goodman turned my life around! His penetrating analysis of my Personality and its interaction with my past present and future opened "doors of perception" that have never before been available to me.

He is a Shaman who applies his creative juices to the nourshment of Entrapraneurs. What Lanny does is Magic! He takes pieces of our ontological puzzle and creates a roadmap for us to live by.”

Jim Trattner
Santa Monica, CA

The End of Management

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The End of Management

Have More Time, Make More Money and Have More Fun by Creating a Company That Runs Itself

If you have ever wondered why organizational life seems so dysfunctional, why employees seem to engage in such child-like behavior, and why they don't think and act like owners even when their behavior puts their own paychecks at risk, then you have come to the right place.

It's not their fault and it's not your fault. The fault lies in the ecosystem of your company that is created by traditional management practices.

The science of complexity theory has identified a phenomenon called "emergent behavior". This is behavior from all living things that emerges spontaneously as the organism interacts with its environment.

In organizational life, employees actually are very astute at reading their ecosystem and figuring out how to prosper. The problem is not the people, it is the ecosystem. Traditional management practices gives rise to emergent behavior from employees which is detrimental to the overall performance of the organization. In the context of the traditional management ecosystem, employee behavior is entirely logical.

As an entrepreneur or CEO you are self-managing. Why can't employees be self-managing? Mostly, they can. The question then is what kind of ecosystem will facilitate the emergence of more responsible, entrepreneurial, self-managing behavior?

The End of Management provides the answers.

I wrote this book as a novel, because the underlying logic of the self-managed company is very different than the assumptions on which traditional management systems and processes have been built. I felt the best way to really learn the underlying logic is to sit in the back pocket of a CEO on that journey of discovery to see how each piece of the puzzle fits together. The logic of the self-managed company is deceptively simple. What's difficult is the assumptions underlying traditional management are so deeply embedded in how we think about leadership, management, and organization design that they are difficult to root out.

Transforming a company from a traditionally run organization to a self-managed one is not a trivial exercise. But the dividends can be huge.

For one thing, by the time you have built a fully functional Leadership Team, you , as CEO will have very few demands on your time. You will have broken the firefighting habit and have time to think, plan, explore, read, learn, spend time with your family, confident that your Leadership Team is taking care of business day-to-day. You will be able to attend conferences, interact with peers and attend to the health of the forest, no longer being buried in the trees.

Your employees will be enjoying greater opportunity, responsibility and benefitting directly from the health and growth of the company. You will attract top talent because you will have a story to tell they will not hear anywhere else they interview.

If you are ready to leave the 19th century and build a 21st century company based on 21st century scientific principles, order a copy of The End of Management now. If you have questions, feel free to call or write. You can find my contact information here.

For a limited time, you can download a free copy. Click here to download.

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