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ex-e-cu-tion (ek si kyoo shun), n ...The gap between what a company’s leaders want to achieve and the ability of their organizations to deliver it...

Larry Bossidy &
Ram Charan, Authors
Execution, the Discipline of Getting Things Done

Benjamin Franklin

Drive thy business or it will drive thee.

Benjamin Franklin
(1706 - 1790)

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Time Constrained Leaders

If you are like most CEOs and senior managers, you are pressed for time. Email has become an avalanche, meetings have become practically continuous. Leaders are having to do more and more with fewer and fewer staff. This situation has created the Leader’s Dilemma:

If I spend time following up with my people to be sure things are getting done, I don’t have adequate time to focus on my own strategic initiatives that would have a big impact on the organization.

- or -

If I spend adequate time on my own strategic initiatives, my peoples’ projects start losing traction and fall between the cracks.

But now there is a third option. Build an execution infrastructure with which you only have to intervene on those internal projects that are falling behind. How will you know what those are? Read on.

Leverage: Little Work - Big Results

What would it mean to you and your organization if:

Now there is a solution to the Leader’s Dilemma: Lean Project Manager, a process and platform for managing “working on the business” projects such as:

Your team can now capture action commitments in your meetings in real time.

Lean Project Manager breaks the propensity to work on the urgent at the expense of the important. For example:

Why Traditional Project Management Tools Don’t Work Internally

If you have experience with traditional project management systems, you know they are completely unsuited for internal organizational project management.

Internal organizational projects, by contrast are:

Used by a wide variety of companies in services and manufacturing, Lean Project Manager helps your team focus, prioritize and execute better than ever before.

Implementing Lean Project Manager (LPM)

LPM is both a process and a platform.

Implementation starts with a meeting of the CEO or senior manager for half a day to:

Next, a one day session is held with the whole team to:

Using LPM in meetings requires a projector, computer and internet connection.

Finally, a follow-up half day with the CEO, internal champion and team to address any issues and help the team fine tune their process.

Ongoing technical support is included for the LPM platform.

Lean Project Manager consultants are knowledgeable and experienced in strategic planning and facilitating team meetings that integrate the LPM platform.

The LPM Platform

Lean Project Manager was designed and developed by Craig Henderson, a production engineer with a strong background in continuous improvement methodologies. It is published by his company, Systemental and distributed by Management Technologies Inc.

The system is web-based and can be updated from anywhere for team members who travel.

LPM is clean, simple and does one thing exceptionally well: helping teams execute. It accomplishes this by helping your employees focus and prioritize. It also helps create a culture of mutual accountability.

LPM is sold on an annual license basis for teams of up to 15 members.

The Next Step

Today’s economic climate requires better planning and execution than ever before.

Consistently working on the business itself is essential to continuously improve products and services and reduce costs.

You have a financial infrastructure and an IT infrastructure in your business. You may also have a planning infrastructure. It’s time to add an execution infrastructure to your organization.

Start pushing your own strategic initiatives forward at a record pace. Feel the sense of confidence that comes when your team is on the right track and moving forward effectively.

Call Lanny Goodman at 505-884-7300 to schedule a demonstration and discuss the application of LPM in your organization. Or, visit

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