Trusted Resources

One of the challenges of business is finding trusted resources with the skill, dedication, organization and follow through to help you accomplish your strategic objectives. The following are companies and individuals with whom I have worked, in some cases for years, whose advice, commitment and work I trust implicitly.


Web Teks Tom Walker at Web Teks has built a number of applications for me as well as a number of my clients. The sophistication of their work stands up with anyone. Most unusualy, they are not just technologists, the Web Teks people are business people first and technologists second. This means they look at technology through a business lens; tools to effectively further the strategic objectives of the enterprise. And they build great tools.


Shauna Rampley A colleague for many years and many clients now, Shauna brings a wealth of experience in the strategic development of talent resources and keeping a finger on the pulse of organizational dynamics. With a wide range of knowledge and experience, Shauna trains effectively in the "soft" skills such as interpersonal communication, change management, coaching and facilitation. Need something specific? If Shauna doesn't have something developed already that can be adapted, she'll develop and deliver the program for you. As she gets to know your people, she keeps a sensitive ear to the ground to provide insight to leadership about where the organization needs support and attention to develop its full potential.

CEO Support

Vistage Vistage provides support groups for CEOs and key executives all over the world. I have spoken to over 150 of these groups. They offer a very valuable service for CEOs who find it lonely at the top and need a steady diet of new ideas, information and peer support. I have sent many CEOs to Vistage and gotten a lot of business from them. Many of my Vistage member clients mark their becoming members as a watershed event in their careers.


Macnab Design Maggie Macnab is a well known designer and iconographer. Unlike many designers who strive for pretty, Maggie strives for functional without sacrificing elegant design integrity. Intense, fun to work with and endlessly creative, Maggie is the one to call when you need a new logo or corporate design package.


Kent Barker Kent Barker is an extraordinary photographer with many major magazine credits to his name in fashion, landscape and portraiture. I met Kent when Inc. Magazine commissioned him to do the photography for a feature article they did on my work in 1998. I was extremely impressed with his attention to detail, his aesthetic sensibilities, his professionalism and the quality of his work. When I finally got around to getting an updated portrait for both the family and for PR uses, I called Kent at his studio in Dallas. We scheduled an afternoon shoot on my next trip to the area. If you have ever suffered through the typical portrait photographer's "Your fifteen minutes are up, pick one." you'll be amazed at the experience of working with someone of Kent's caliber. For PR or a family portrait, if you're going to Dallas, give him a call. Or he'll come to you. He's worth the trip.

Other Resources

My dear friend and former client Rhonda Sciortino has been a pillar of support for the foster care system in California for many years. Herself, a product of the system, she has written an inspriring book From Foster Care to Millionare. The foster care system is invisible to most of us who had loving, caring and reasonably functional families. But many kids in our society really don't have a chance. The foster care system tries to give these often badly damaged kids a chance. Read her book and get involved. The kids need it desperately.

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