Client Comments

Lanny has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs clarify their visions for their companies and their lives.

He's a true orginal thinker who brings a creative spirit to every project; he's also an amazing public speaker.

Donna Fenn
Author, Speaker, Contributing Editor at Inc. Magazine

A Little Inspiration

"The striving to find a meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in man…For only to the extent to which man commits himself to the fulfillment of his life’s meaning, to this extent he also actualizes himself."

Viktor Frankl
Psychiatrist and Holocaust Survivor
From Man’s Search for Meaning

Viktor Frankl

Do You Need A Speaker for Your Group?

I am an accomplished speaker.

I have presented at sixteen Inc. Magazine national conferences including five Inc. 500 conferneces. I have presented at almost 200 groups of CEOs for Vistage International, many other trade association annual conferences as well as many other groups, large and small.

I can promise that your audience will come away feeling like they got real value for their time.

On an number of occasions I have had attenees come up to me and say, "I heard you speak a couple of years ago and I did everything you said and I just want you to know you changed my life. Thank you."

I get invited back to groups repeatedly because they give me great marks for both content and delivery.

If you have a need or would like a speaker's kit, please give me a call or drop a note. My contact information is here.


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