Client Comments

I can never begin to thank you enough for the help, support and the friendship that you have provided during this, probably the most difficult period of my life since becoming a business owner.

Your ability to immediately identify the root of the issues I am dealing with has helped me tremendously to begin to focus on causes rather than symptoms.

I’ll never forget your assistance and your kindness, and I hope that you continue to assist me with the growth of my business until we’re both old and gray.

Rhonda Sciortino, CEO
Human Services Insurance
Upland, CA
A History Lesson

"Under our system, a worker is told just what his to do and how he is to do it. Any improvement he makes on the orders given to him is fatal to his success."

Fredrick Winslow Taylor
Father of
"Modern Scientific Management"

Frederick Winslow Taylor

This was revolutionary stuff 100 years ago when talent was cheap and plentiful and capital was scarce and expensive. Today, the opposite is true. It's time to reinvent leadership, management and organization design. Frederick Winslow Taylor on Wikipedia

The 21st Century Company:

A Series of White Papers Of Importance to Entrepreneurs

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The End of Management
Have More Time, Make More Money and Have More Fun by Creating a Company That Runs Itself
Lanny's groundbreaking book, available for a limited time as a free download, walks you through the logic and steps of building a company that runs itself.
Building a 21st Century Company
A Special Report for Entrepreneurs
What to look for when hiring a consultant, the basics of strategic planning and the steps involved in creating a company that runs itself.
Why Are There No Managers In Nature?
What the Science of Complexity Can Teach Us About Leadership, Management & Organization Design
The inventors of the discipline of "modern" management built on the foundation of the machine model of the universe. Today, 100 years later, we know better.
Internal Customer/Vendor Relationships
Unleash the Power of the Marketplace in Your Organization
Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" is the self-organizing magic that makes the open marketplace work. Learn how to apply this principle in your organization.
Open Books
Get Your Employees Excited About Increasing Profit
Open books is a proven method for creating employee involvement and support for maximizing profitability. Learn the issues and opportunities for this powerful technique.
Incentive Compensation
Creating Alignment from the Boardroom to the Broomcloset
Traditional incentive compensation techniques are usually unpredictable, crude, and manipulative. Learn how to harness employee self-motivation to leverage the full capabilities of your workforce.
Performance Reviews
That Actually Improve Performance
Performance reviews are notoriously unpopular and usually marginally productive. Learn how to create a performance feedback system that really works to improve morale, energy and effectiveness.

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